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Nikos Papakonstantinou

Nikos Papakonstantinou


Mr. Nikos Papakonstantinou is the CEO and the managing director of the DMC with experience in tourism industry since 1986. Your trusted partner concerning your vacations in Greek islands.

Our Team in office

Our Team in DnD Travel main area

Despina Kondiliou

The Chief Operating Officer of DnD Travel is proactively leading our global business and commercial strategy for individual travel intermediaries.

Nikos Lemonis

Financial Manager of the company who develops financial and tax strategies which ensure that all logistics are flawless.

Stathis Poullis

Improvement of technological services to enhance the advisory role of the company and secure its position by maintaining the hardware / software as well as the development of internet services.

Email: it@dndtravel.gr

Varvara Giannousta

Experienced in accounting for 7 years and specialized at account control of the travel industry.

Email: reservations1@dndtravel.gr

George Machlis

Managing all accounting operations based on accounting principles.

Stamatis Pontikas

Email: reservations2@dndtravel.gr

Georgia Chatzigeorgiou

Email: reservations@dndtravel.gr

Nikos Anastahas

One of the oldest consultants in Rhodes island, a great mind and a successful organizer.

Stamatis Kalligeris

Manages all the transfer services customers might need.

Email: trafficmng@dndtravel.gr

Bogdan Chirilla

Transfer management and excursion planner.

Email: operationmng@dndtravel.gr

Alexandra Kolliagraki

Despina Moustaka

Giacinto Terlizzi

Milena Zicolella


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