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Our company is an incoming travel agency thus we can organize your stay in any corner of Greece.

Generally Greece has a hot weather so be prepared to wear light clothing and comfortable shoes. If you hit the roads by yourself you should take water bottles, sun lotions and everything related to sun protection.

In order to organize the excursion our company needs to know how many people are going to travel, so the traffic manager could complete the list and make the reservation for the bus / minivan / boat accordingly. That’s also why the customer has to pay in advance, because if the vehicle is booked and the client is not showing the excursion’s expenses are not covered.

All of our excursions allow children to travel, there is no destination which is dangerous for them or inappropriate.

The price range also is different for children.

  • Till the age of 2 there is no price and they are free to travel with their parents.
  • Till the age of 12 the price is the half of an adult one.

Frequently our company makes special offers for some excursions. You can find them on the website or by asking the traffic manager / the operation manager.

In case someone is late for the excursion the driver can wait up to 5 minutes so the schedule remains intact.

If the excursion is private then the driver can wait until further command from the traffic manager.

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