Filerimos Trek

In the footsteps of Goddess Athena

Trek subject:  In the footsteps of the goddess Athena

Area: Mt. Filerimos
Overall trek time: Around 3 hours
Additional activities: Aerobic exercises and yoga-based exercises
Comments: The trek takes place in the evening as the sun sets
Food: Greek sandwich with feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, olives and olive oil
Length: 4.5 kilometres
Altitude: 220 m
Estimated time spent trekking: 2 ½ to 2 hours
Degree of difficulty: 1 (easy) but can be increased to 2 (average) for anyone who wants

The trek starts in the foothills of the mountain and the ancient path of Goddess Athena, that is said she used to climb to the peak where the ancient acropolis of Filerimos is located.
On the way to the peak we stop off at the fountain above which was the summer home of the island’s governor.
On reaching the peak, we visit the ruins of the ancient acropolis where we can take a look of the island’s eastern and western sides, then we begin the ascent to the giant cross at the highest point of the peak.
On the way up to the cross, every 5 m on the right are the ‘Stations of the Cross’ carved on marble columns during the period of Italian rule. The road to the cross shows Christ’s Golgotha.
All around the area there are male peacocks with their fabulous tails.
On reaching the cross we have a 360 view overlooking Rhodes island. Looking straight ahead we can see the southern side of the island, the two civilian airports (old and new), on the right there is Asia Minor and if you turn around you get a perimetric panorama of the entire island.
Heading downhill there is a continuous view of the island’s NW side which faces the Eastern Mediterranean.