Kamiros Route

We begin the tour in a lush pine forest and then cycle towards Profitis Ilias Monastery dating from the 16th century, situated atop the hill, dedicated to the Prophet Elijah.
Arriving at the monastery, we have magnificent views of the Aegean Sea and all of Rhodes island. Here too are the gardens of two superb buildings, which used to be residence of the Italian and Greek aristocracy. They now house the Elafos Hotel.

Leaving the bicycles to the side for a short time, we visit the ruins of Villa de Vecchi on foot (Italian governor’s villa), where we have the pleasure of admiring the view of the Aegean Sea and the wild mountainous beauty of Western Rhodes.
Getting back on our bikes again, we enter the pine forest again heading to the traditional village of Salakos, passing by “Fountoukli” Chapel dating from the 14th century with its unique architecture and wall paintings.
Our next stop is the Valley of the Butterflies at Salakos where you can enjoy a relaxing walk and a Greek snack.
We then continue downhill to the coastal asphalt road and cycle next to the sea feeling the breeze from the Aegean Sea waves. We are headed to the ancient city of Kamiros, where we will take a walk in order to admire ancient Greek culture.