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DnD Travel offers a vast selection of hotels in Greece. Search our hotel catalog for Luxury Resorts & Hotels  – Budget Hotels – Apartments – Villas – Self-Catering Resorts or simple rooms available for rent. In addition, you can book online your preferred transfer services for your transportation from Airport / Port to your desired destination and vice versa. DnD Travel makes your vacation planning easier and carefree with all the services you require when travelling to Greece.

Let us make your escape perfect!

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ENTRADA is a central reservation and Travel Sales system where you can book online hotels and transfer service. It is the complete platform for travel agents and tour operators. It expedites a many-to-many function in which travel professionals can buy, sell and resell products simultaneously, through a single and central platform! If you are an agent and you need credentials to join our B2B program, please contact us at .

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Do you need more information about your online booking? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message for further details if you didn’t find your desired answer.

Because we are a reliable company with a wide selection of expensive and cheap hotels in addition to transfer services.  We offer the most competitive rates in the travel industry for years.

The majority of hotels and accommodation places in Greece are listed in the online booking engine’s database. If you are searching for a specific hotel which is not listed please contact us and we may help you book in your desired place.

If you want to cancel your reservation, go to reservation tab in the online booking engine and fill your details. There you can view and cancel them, please read our policy about cancellations.

If the search results are taking too long to appear you have to be more specific about the “Star Rating” and the “Meal Plan” field. You can also edit the field “Max Request Wait Seconds”. If you experience a problem with destinations not loading, please refresh the page in your browser.

If the transfer services are not covering your needs in the online booking engine, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone and we can arrange your transportation in Greece within seconds.

Sometimes due to huge traffic in the platform, the destination field takes too long to show results. For this reason we created an external website of the same platform. Go to Online Booking v2.