Lindos (Λίνδος in Greek) is a medieval village on the island of Rhodes. It has around 1000 inhabitants, greatly outnumbered by tourists in the high season. Being one of the main attractions on the island it is often overcrowded in the mornings when the tourist coaches arrive. It lies on the east coast of the island, it is about 50 km south of the town of Rhodes and its fine beaches make it a popular tourist and holiday destination. Lindos is situated in a large bay and faces the fishing village and small resort of Charaki.

Lindos provides in general a mix of history and beautiful beaches. The village has many historic houses dating from 16th century. The village itself is situated on a network of cobbled streets where pedestrians can walk, otherwise the only modes of transport possible are donkeys and bikes. The houses are small, whitewashed and sit beautifully on the hillside making it one of the most beautiful places on the island. The charm of this village is maintained by a preservation order which forbids any unauthorized building work to change it.

The main attraction of Lindos is the village itself. It is considered to be one of the hottest places in Rhodes literally and metaphorically. Points of interest in / near the village are the Captain’s Houses, the ruins of Acropolis, the reconstructed temple of Lindian Athena, the remains of an Ancient Amphitheater, the Kleovoulos tomb, the Church of the Assumption and more.

It attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world, contact us if you want more information about the excursions to Lindos and DnD Travel will make it an unforgettable experience.