Prasonisi (Πρασονήσι in Greek) is the translation of the word “green island”. It is located on the southern tip of the Greek island of Rhodes and during summer time, when water levels are low enough, this island becomes a peninsula attached to Rhodes only through a narrow strip of sand . During winter time and when the water levels are high enough, Prasonisi becomes an island and visitors cannot reach the edge of the island by foot or car. The southernmost tip of Prasonisi contains a lighthouse which is also inaccessible during winter period.

Prasonisi beach is famous for its excellent geographical location, for its strong and stable Maltemi wind (Μελτέμι in Greek) and for unique coast line making it possible to sail in diametrically different conditions in two different seas; the Aegean and the Mediterranean. These factors make it one of the most attractive and phenomenal places in the world for windsurfing and kite-surfing both at beginner and advanced level. The beginner’s place is the Mediterranean side, the “left” side of the shore, where the waters are calm and flat. The Aegean side is for experienced surfers as the waves are bigger and with much force.

The closest Greek village is Kattavia; however, there is a purpose-built settlement on Prasonisi that contains motels, convenience stores, restaurants, and windsurf rentals which are open seasonally. Near Prasonisi is Vroulia, an ancient settlement that contains an old mosaic tiled floor.

The excursions to Prasonisi will be probably full-day, because the distance from Rhodes town is around 100 km and ~2 hours traveling.