Patmos island

Patmos (Πάτμος in Greek) is the northernmost island of the Dodecanese, on the eastern frontier of the Aegean Sea (southwest of Samos). Topography presents a landscape of outstanding natural beauty, with small stretches of flat land scattered among low, rocky hills. Impressive crenelated coasts are made up of dozens of tongues of land reaching out into the sea, interspersed with picturesque inlets.

The island’s climate is dry; with frequent northerly winds and exceptionally clear air, it is bathed in sunlight 3,000 hours a year. Patmos has an area of only 34 square kilometers and it is situated 161 nautical miles east of Piraeus and Athens.

Patmos is an ideal place to spend your summer holidays! Besides from being a popular destination for Christian pilgrims, it is also a very inviting island for quite and relaxing holidays and it is visited by thousands of holiday makers from all over the world!