Red Water Route

The route starts off heading downhill and passes through the Malona orange grove. A stop at the village’s main church gives cyclists the chance to briefly stroll around the village and recover a little.

We then continue by cycling next to the course of the Gadoura River heading towards the source of the river and the small, but impressive, Gadoura falls.

Leaving the source of the river behind, we pass through a forest of olive trees and head towards the vineyards that surround the village of Masari that produces some of the best wine Rhodes has to offer.

Heading towards Gadoura bridge built by the Italians in the 1930s, we have the chance to explore some old battlements from the Second World War.

Our cyclists can rest for a short time next to the old bridge before continuing along the dried-out river bed heading towards the beach. This route also takes us past the runway of an old airport.

The beach is the ideal place to finish the ride, enjoy a refreshing dip in the deep blue waters of the sea and savour Greek snacks.