Rhodes island

Rhodes (Rodos or Ρόδος in Greek), the beautiful island of roses, has a unique physical scenery that does not cease to impress its visitors. The climate is also unique, with more sunny days than any other place in the world, that’s why in ancient times it was called the island of the God of Sun. With practically zero crime rate and friendly / hospitable people, you’ll be surprised how easy life in Rhodes can be.

Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese Island group of Greece, both in land area and in population. The geographical location of the island is about 11 miles west of the Turkish shores, between the mainland of Greece and the island of Cyprus. The inner landscaping of Rhodes is mountainous and covered with forests of pine and cypress. Rhodes is also home to the beautiful Rhodian Deer, the Dama Dama species where it roams freely in the southern part of the island. Some of them come close to people too.


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Kamiros (Κάμειρος in Greek) is an ancient city on the northwest coast of Rhodes island, near the village of Kalavarda. [...]


The Castle of Monolithos (Το Κάστρο της Μονολίθου in Greek) is perhaps the most impressive castle of Rhodes and it [...]