River descent with one-seater kayaks.

Where can I do river kayaking?

  • Peloponnese – Lousios & Alfios River (grade 2-3)
  • Evritania – Acheloos River (grade 1), Tavropos River (grade 2), Trikeriotis River (grade 3)
  • Meteora – Aspropotamos (grade 3), Aliakmonas (various difficulty levels from 1-5)
  • Grevena – Venetikos river (various difficulty levels from 1-5), Mileopotamos River (grade 4)
  • Kissavos – Pinios (various difficulty levels from 1-3)
  • Zagorochoria – Voidomatis (grade 1-2)
  • Drama – River Aggitis (grade of difficulty 3), River Nestos (grade of difficulty 2)
  • Kastoria – Nestorio (grade 2)
  • Tzoumerka – Kalaritikos, (grade 4) Arachthos (various difficulty levels from 1-4)
  • Mountainous Nafpaktia – Evinos (grade 2)
  • Mountainous Pella – Moglenitsas, Edessaios
  • Xanthi – Nestos (difficulty level 1-3)

When can I do river Kayaking?
River Kayaking usually takes place in Greece between October to May, though in some rivers you can enjoy river kayaking throughout the year.

Participation Requirements
In order to participate in a descent with kayaks you must attend a kayak school (6 days duration). You must know how to swim and be in good physical condition.

What do I need to carry with me?
What you need to have with you is a pair of shoes that will get wet, a swimming suit, a t-shirt and a towel.

Necessary Equipment
A neoprene suit and pair of socks, windproof jacket, helmet, life jacket and a paddle.

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