Rock Climbing

This tour is an active day out. It is designed for middle-age, youngsters and families. The customer can make it as difficult as he/she chooses, surrounded by beautiful scenery. A trip not to forget…

Arriving at the bay where we climb there is a short walk through the mountains, along the coast, approximately 10 minutes. We arrive at our 20 meters high climbing wall where there will be plenty of routes to climb, all next to each other. It is a real reward reaching the top of that wall… While climbing this wall, there will be a picnic area and water available. After climbing there is an opportunity to do a 30 meters rappel, passing the entrance of a big cave. This means you will coming down by rope, hanging in the air for 30 meters! To get to the top it will take a 20 minutes hike and climb, enjoying amazing views. A real adventure!

There is a discount for children and a special price for passengers, partners/ friends or family that would like to join the climber(s). Food & drinks are included in the price for everybody.