Sea Kayaking

  Take one of our tours and discover the unknown beauty of Rhodes.

Rhodes is an amazing holiday destination right at the edge of the Mediterranean.
You get sun, sea, endless beaches with crystal clear waters, many of which are remote or inaccessible by car or on foot. Isolated beaches that are stunning refuges for wild birds and the island’s countless wild goats.

For DnD Travel though, those quiet, deserted beaches are easily accessible.
There’s no more eco-friendly, quiet craft than the sea kayak, and it’s this form of transport that allows us to explore the island’s maritime charms.
We’ve rowed all around Rhodes and selected some of the most beautiful routes for you, that any visitor to the island who loves sun, sea and kayaking really ought to visit with us.

Rocky formations, small sea caves, natural arches carved from immense rocks, sandy beaches only accessible from the sea, a seabed rich in amazing hues and shades, and medieval castles impenetrable from the sea, are just some of things you’ll encounter kayaking around the island using the fast, easily navigable “Horizon” and “Essence” sea kayaks from “Perception” that make up our fleet.

Our sea kayaking day tours are the most relaxing and pleasant activities, allowing us to bring visitors in the island into contact with outstanding natural scenery, while also narrating Rhodes’ amazing history over the centuries.

Visitors who choose one of our sea kayaking tours will have the chance to be among the few who come into contact with the herbs and rare plants adorning Rhodes’ isolated beaches, and even see rams drinking seawater.

The sea kayaking equipment we provide our guests is selected to match the kayaker’s body type and all guests are provided with safety gear and waterproof bags.

No super athletic physique is necessary.
Our team who take you on your exploration are experts and know the history and culture of Rhodes inside out.

We are skilled kayakers, and with our help you will learn some hints and tips to surpass yourself.

Information Notice

Outdoor Activities Day Tour Services include:

Tour and activities guiding, activities gear, transfers, support car services for the cycling act., cold bottled water, Greek nutritious and healthy light meal.

PICK UP TIME: Between 08:00 – 09:00

The exact pick up time will be confirmed by 21:00 the day before the tour either as a message at the reception of the hotel or by e‐mail.

DROP OFF TIME: For Mtbiking, Hiking between 15:30–17:00,
For Sea Kayaking between 14:30‐15:30
Exact Times depending on the location of your hotel or accommodation.

PICK UP POINT: Outside the reception of your hotel or at the entrance of your accommodation

The information about the heights of the participants is important for cycling and sea kayaking.
Room numbers and participants’ names are important information for the booking.

Contact e‐mail address: